Yaniv Arad

Watch it Live Yaniv Arad and I walked a long journey including branding, website, multiple landing pages and tons of social media creatives! Logo Website https://saglix.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/YanivHome.mp4 Social https://saglix.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/רימרקטינג-וואו.mp4


Watch it Live One page website for Lior “Otherwise” Azulay. An automation specialist. Website Overview https://saglix.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/otherwise.mp4


Watch it Live LiveCard is a personal project, that I researched, planned and designed as part of UX UI course in Codesigner , later I developed it into a real business powered by WordPress & Elementor. LiveCard offers business owners & freelancers to create their own virtual business card, from signing up, through color selection […]

Mackay Sedation Dental

Watch it Live I had the pleasure to design Mackay Sedation Dental’s logo, website and other marketing materials. Mackay Sedation Dental (or MSD if you’d like) is a private dental clinic loacted in Mackay, Australia. We tried to give a very relaxing yet trustful environement. Hope you’ll like it <3 The Logo Early Versions Homepage […]


Watch it Live Hila specializes in recruiting quality employees with strict screening by unique and industry-leading tests.  Especially middle-level to senior executives and high-tech workers. “Hila4Results” operates as a part of companies and organizations from all fields, and consider themselves as full  partners on the road to success. Homepage Blog Page


Watch it Live ITQ is a training center that provides professional IT training programs tailored to the international certifications and to the market requirements in Israel. ITQ is a certified and leading training center of the Cisco Training. As a state of the art institution, they needed a unique and hi-tech branding and website, and […]


Watch it Live Miur is a family business that specalizes in luxury hand-made jewelry. Mainly in diamond rings. Miur vision was to give the customer the best experience when he comes to buy a jewel. We focused on designing and building a clean  e-Commerce website with great interactivity. Homepage Customized Filtering System Product Page Menu


Watch it Live KERNELiOS and I first met back in 2018. Since then we did so many amazing stuff. Brand new logo and brand identity, a new lite speed website, a million social network ads, and print products. Homepage Branding Ads Other